Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yarn Grande Total

I finally spent some time Sunday night weighing my yarn stash. Maybe I listen to too many knitting podcasts where the hosts talk about the bins and closets full of yarn they have, but I really don't think my stash of yarn is anything to be upset over. In fact, it's kind of pitiful. 

The biggest problem are my works in progress - several of which need to be ripped ("frogged" back and the yarn re-skeined.
Anyway, here is the run-down of what's in my fiber stash:
568g scraps (left overs from finished projects)
96g cream summer sweater project that needs frogged
186g Manos knit into a purse that needs frogged
364g Ella Rae Amnity for February Lady Sweater (need to finish sleeves)
346g Wool of the Andes for Olivia's Roo Sweater (need to finish sleeves - see a theme?)
167g Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool for hat 
336g Malabrigo knit into a sweater that didn't fit and needs frogged (heartbreaker)
205g various yarn I want to sell
1kg 699g yarn with no dedicated project
TOTAL: 4kg 103g of yarn

Disclaimer: There are a few projects on the needles I did not count in the total. Those include:
-Artechoke Socks (finishing the second toe)
-Ishbel (half way there - active project)
-Irish Cable Scarf (guilting myself to not call it stash but finish it)

So, like with the fabric, my goal is to use half of the weight of the total before purchasing new yarn. In addition to that, I'm going to challenge myself to finish the three projects above as well. 

This should not be so bad. If I sell what I have set aside (205g), finish my February Lady Sweater (364g), and finish Olivia's Roo sweater (346g), I will be about 1/3 of the way there.
Same rules apply as with fabric. Must use 50% before acquiring more. Gifts and notions are exceptions. 

So, I'm pretty optimistic. If fact, I'm kind of relieved I've posed this challenge. There are several projects weighing heavily on my mind that just need to be finished. This will be a good incentive to get motivated to get them off the needles. 

How are you doing with your stash challenge?

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