Thursday, January 7, 2010

Artichoke Socks

So far, I have mentioned my yarn stash on this blog but haven't shown you my projects. Pictured here is the one I'm a little obsessed with finishing right now - Artichoke Socks. The yarn is from Knitabulous Yarn out of Australia and is from the Ultimate Sock collection. It is 75% wool/25% nylon sock yarn in a 100 gram skein - approximately 450 yards. I'm knitting on size 0 needles.

The pattern is a free Ravelry download with the design by Megan Humphry. I Googled and also found the pattern on Soxie if you're interested but aren't on Ravelry. If you're on Ravelry, my username is "saraholivia" if you'd like to check out my other WIPs and FOs.

Speaking of WIPs (a.k.a. works in progress), I thought it my duty to list out my knitting works in progress with the goal of weighing my stash and publishing that info over the weekend or early next week.

1. Roo jacket for Olivia. Finished with the back and two side pannels. Need to knit the sleeves and hood.
2. February Lady Sweater for me. Need to complete the sleeves. 
3. Irish Hiking Scarf for DH. About half way finished. This is the one I feel worst about having not completed.
4. Ishbel for me? Not sure if I'll end up with it or if it will be gifted.

I'm sure there are more WIPs lurking in "deep stash," as Brenda Dayne in Cast On calls it, that will be revealed to me when I finally get my yarn in order. More on that to come!

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