Friday, January 29, 2010

If I Were Buying Fabric...

I would totally buy: Nicey Jane by Heather Baily in Pink/Olive.

Fabric Worm has a 1/2 yard bundle (8 coordinating fabrics) for $34. You get:

Welcome Road Olive 
Hop Dot Cherry 
Swing Toss Pink 
Hop Dot Olive 
Welcome Road Pink 
Hello Roses Oive 
Slim Dandy Pink 
Picnic Bouquet Moss

The scale and pattern mix in this bundle is pleasing to the eye. The large-print florals alongside the unique stripes and then the toned-down geometric print would make a really lovely quilt.

Tonight, I'm having my friends over for our Stitch In. We do this every other Friday after work and well into the evening. We each bring our own project and talk, laugh, and eat. It's a great time. I plan to work on my Portabello Pixie top for my daughter out of Erin McMorris Park Slope. Hope to have pics to show Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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