Monday, January 25, 2010

The Pillow Talk {Swap}

I was thrilled to find out I was accepted to join The Pillow Talk {Swap} Group on Flickr. The group is starting their second round of toss-pillow cover blind swaps in early February. I'm not sure if I made the cut-off to actually participate in the swap, but the inspiration I'm getting from just looking at what others in the group are making is totally worth being involved in the group.

Part of being in the swap is giving your partner, who you don't know, an idea for your aesthetic. Most people are doing that by creating a Flickr mosaic. Mine is below. 

This exercise was quite revealing to me as I have been trying to cultivate a "style" - whatever that means - for a while. When selecting these images, I told myself to not think about what others might think of my selections. Instead, to choose whatever made my heart sing. This collection says that I tend to like whimsical, feminine designs. In any case, it was fun to put together. And I'll keep you posted on my status in the swap. 

Have a lovely week! Talk to you tomorrow!

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