Monday, January 4, 2010

Grand Total - Fabric

While watching the Cleveland Browns obliterate the Jags on Sunday (Cleveland finally rocks!), I weighed my fabric stash. Almost the entire weekend was spent avoiding this task, especially as I went fabric shopping on Saturday (didn't I mention in the "rules" in the first post that the official start date wasn't until Jan. 4?). 
Avoiding aside, I did the deed and weighed my fabric on a kitchen scale. My husband recommended weighing in grams. The reason being that grams round up to whole numbers while ounces can be a little more confusing. Grams and kilograms are a different way of thinking of weight than ounces and pounds. So, I decided to convert the total to pound too so I can have a true context for "the number."

As a reference, there are 1000 grams in a kilogram. Here is a conversion calculator to convert grams to kilograms. And there are .45 pounds in a kilogram. Here is a conversion calculator to convert grams/kilograms to pounds.  
Okay, drumroll please! The grand total of fabric in my stash is:
13 kg. 162 g
That means to reach the goal of using 50% before buying new for stash is: 
6.5 kg. 81 g.
In pounds, I have over 28 pounds of fabric. Yikes! And to reach my goal, I need to use over 13 pounds before I can buy any more fabric for stash. This is going to be harder than I thought. 
Interested in joining me on this quest? Please send me a comment. We can start a Flickr group showing our stash busting projects, coping with withdrawal, and generally commiserate and talk each other down from clicking over to fabric stores. Who knows - we might actually have fun doing this?
Until tomorrow, happy Monday!

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