Monday, March 8, 2010

Too Bad, So Sad

So, my big weekend quilting plans were promptly squashed Saturday when I realized my brand-new sewing machine is a lemon. Ugh! Long story short, I either need to convince the company I bought it from to exchange it, or I have to drive it an hour away to have a Brother-certified repair shop look at it. I'm seriously considering doing a hate campaign against the company I bought the sewing machine from; they have been less than helpful through this process.

I'm left with this huge quilting frame and no way to try it out... Bummer. Big bummer. It will probably be weeks before this problem is resolved. Trying to have a good attitude - thinking about how I can get some quilts pieced to quilt when the new/repaired machine is here. But, it's tough... I spent a lot of money on this - and we all know that money is not a joke these days. My family made a sacrifice so I could have my new machine... Now we have a hassle on top of it... Okay. I'll stop my complaining now. No one likes a complainer, right?

In good crafty news, I finished this quickie project this weekend - a piece tea towel. Pattern by Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Check out the tutorial here.

Also, I changed the razor in my rotary cutter this morning and - wow! - what a difference a new blade makes! It cuts a million times better. Why did I put this off for so long?

Have a great crafty week!

p.s. Podcast is still in the works. Need someone to look at my computer - it's not accepting audio feed from an external source. I'm trying to use a USB head set - not the internal mic in my Mac. Any advice out there in blogland? Please post a comment if you do. Thanks!

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