Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pinwheels Week 3 - In the Bag

Hello, my blog friends. How is this week treating you? I'm gearing up for a very busy day... Glad I had a little while to myself this morning to whip up these pinwheels.

Week 3 finished! My half-square triangles are getting better each time, but it is painstakingly SLOW... Each blog takes me a good hour. Is that on average?

Here's how they're all looking together. As you can see, I have some major, major squaring up issues and my first blocks really are way too small and will need to be remade. Ugh...

Finally, I'm working on a new grocery bag holder for my house. Fabric is Hello Betty from a honey bun purchased last year. I put the elastic in this morning. All that is left is to add the ribbon and close it up!

The tutorial is from Make it and Love it. She actually uses wider strips at 3-1/2". But, as long as the final dimensions match, you could really use any width strip as I did, using honey buns or any other width you'd like.

Anyway, happy Thursday (because that means it's almost Friday!!).

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