Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Early Morning Damage

As I type, it's 4:47 a.m. and I've already spent nearly $50 on fabric. Yes. I'm an addict. But, at least not in denial about it, right? Admitting the problem (who says this is a problem?) is the first step... :-)

Bought some good stuff... More on that later. Hehehe...

I received information on my {Urban} HOME Goods swap parter yesterday, and OMG! I'm totally freaked out by who my partner is. It's kind of someone famous in the quilty bloggy world... So, I really need to up my game for this.

Spent a good portion of last night stalking this person's blog and Flickr favorites to figure out what I'm going to make. It's a secret swap so I can't divulge too much but will share sneaky peaky's with you along the way.

Here's what I've been working on... Week 4 of the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along. Totally need to get my act together and catch up on this QAL this week. If I do wheels 5 and 6 before Saturday, I'll be golden...

So that was the pretty. Ready for some UGLY?

And this... Yikes!

Oh, and this too. Double yikes!

Very frustrated but pushing forward practicing little every day with my new sewing machine and long arm quilting system. Does any one know what might be wrong? More importantly, what can I do to fix the jamming issue?

Anyway... I have some embroidery to get on a hoop tonight! Pics of that to come. :-)


  1. Who is it! Who is it!
    The jamming issue looks a lot like the problem I had when I got my last machine. It may be a tension issue or double check to see if the bobbin has been inserted correctly.

  2. Hmmm.. Tension. You're probably right. I'll keep trying until I find the perfect settings... Just so frustrating! Thanks for the suggestions. :-)

  3. My first attempt looked like that too. It was all tension. I had to put it up to 8 to get it looking right. My new Janome has automatic tension and it was still happening. I manually put it to 8.5 and all was better.

    It fixed th jamming on me too.


  4. I'm happy to report the tension issue seems to be resolved! I have it set between 3 and 4 and bought a new kind of thread, which seems to be the magic combination. The last few passes I've done on the quilt look MUCH better. Yeah!

  5. It doesn't look like your quilt is loaded correctly. The roller under your machine needs to be unrolling opposite so that it is flat under the needle. I have a gracie too! Tami

  6. What do you think of your Gracie, KnoxBlox?

    I believe I have my quilt loaded correctly now. It seems to be working much better. Hoping for some time tomorrow to finish quilting.

  7. Hi! Sorry that I didn't respond till now.

    I like it okay. I have trouble getting it to roll smoothly. Also, it seems that the rails bow a little in the center; I probably have it rolled too tight. I guess the quilting part of quilting is not my favorite!! Tami