Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stash Resolution Episode 21: The Year of the Selfish Crafter

Show notes for Stash Resolution Episode 21.

What I'm Working On
Helena Baby Sweater
Debbie Bliss Simply Baby
Rowan Pure Wool Aran
Schnibbles Domino in MoMo It's a Hoot
Heather Bailey Daily Spice Apron
Flying Geese Quilt-in-a-Day Ruler
Entwined fingerless mits

Bad Stitches Happy to Good People: How I learned right from left (or was it left from right?)

The Year of the Selfish Crafter: Cheers to a new resolution (or is it a rebellion?)

Review of crafty Christmas gifts received

Review of CraftSanity magazine

Announcement of discount on Tula Pink fabric for Stash Resolution listeners only. (hint: discount code given at end of episode)

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  1. sorry but your i tunes feed is not showing up for episode 21.... I really wanted to hear SELFISH CRAFTER.

  2. Hi Nonnie - I just downloaded it and am positive it's there. Try right clicking the box and hit "update podcast." Hope that helps! ;-)

  3. Just listened to this episode and I can definitely relate to feeling guilty when I'm crafting, especially when I have a lot of other things that need to be done, but I just tell myself that it's my break from the things I have to do and, therefore, keeps me sane! :)

    After knitting slippers for everyone in my family last year, and a couple pairs of socks for father and father-in-law that never got noticed, I don't knit for anybody unless they specifically request something so that I know my efforts are appreciated.

    So now that the holidays are over and the requests are fulfilled, I'm back to crafting just for me! No one else is going to appreciate it more!

    Thanks for another great podcast episode! Happy New Year!

  4. Just listened to this episode. You will LOVE the Quilt in a Day Flying Geese ruler. It makes constructing the somewhat finicky flying geese a breeze - and you get perfect results. It's worth every penny!

  5. @Melissa - Thank you for your comment. You're right; no one else appreciates our crafting more than we do. I'm looking forward to indulging this year. :-)

    @Denise - Glad to hear a review of the Flying Geese ruler. Maybe I'll break it out of the package today and give it a spin. Perfect results? Sold!

  6. Just caught up on this episode today - am TOTALLY behind you on "The Year of the Selfish Crafter." Be resolute!! :-)

    And MANY congratulations on the serger. You will LOVE it - looking forward to hearing your continued discoveries with it. Pillowcases are the perfect first project. Hooray for you!

  7. @Anne K - So far so good on the resolution. I think the weakness to give in will come next fall when Christmas/holiday sewing should begin.

    Yes, I'm excited about the serger, and the timing of your podcasts on serger projects couldn't be better! You're really inspiring me to give some different things a try. Thanks!