Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Good riddance to 2010. Sure, some good things happened this year. But they seemed to be over shadowed with some major bad things. I have hope that 2011 is going to be one of the best years yet!

Focusing on quilting/knitting in 2011, there are several projects I'm very excited to work on. First, I chose fabric for the Daily Spice Apron from Heather Bailey. The next step is to draft the pattern on tissue paper and then cut! 

I'm also super thrilled to have this quilt almost completed. It's the Schnibbles Domino pattern out of MoMo It's a Hoot. Hand-stitching the binding down (okay, and cutting the lose threads) is the last step! 

I used free-motion quilting and played with a darker bobbin thread, which I am happy with. The thread color is a dark aqua picking up the same color in the pattern. It's such a busy pattern, it was difficult to pick a coordinating color. Too many choices!

Making a queen-sized quilt for my bed is my loftiest goal for 2011. I haven't chosen the pattern yet but found a couple that I'm thinking about in the mosaic below. The pattern needs to be simple for speed and success. Otherwise, I worry I'll lose interest. 

1. sunny squares quilt, 2. Phew, done at last!, 3. California Bound, 4. Fresh-Aire-side-on, 5. halloween quilt, 6. Flower Valley Quilt - getting started, 7. unfurnished queen sized quilt in hope valley, 8. workinprogress

What are your 2011 quilting/knitting/crafting goals?

I'll talk more about mine in podcast episode 21, which will be on iTunes by Monday.

Happy New Year to you and yours!


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for choosing my Castle Peeps Mixtape quilt for inspiration - it's definitely a super easy pattern to put together, I highly recommend it!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth! Your quilt is amazing - and good to know it's easy to put together. That's my speed. :-)