Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Boy Quilt

Yesterday, my mom came over for a bit to sew. We had a wonderful time together.

She worked on an adorable baby quilt for a soon-to-be-born baby in our family. We started from scratch deciding on a pattern, and by the end of the afternoon she had most of the cutting finished and on block pieced.

The fabric is a mix of several different lines of boy-focused themes none of which I can remember (I know, mom - should have written it down). If you know what they are, please leave a comment!

We ended up modifying a pattern my mom found online that was a tad more complex. This more simple version will have 9 blocks, sashing, and borders. The pieced blocks finish at 12" square and the large blocks alternating are also cut at 12". Then, the sashing is 3". Finally, the border will be a nice green color - size TBD.

Just love all the fussy cutting she did for the block centers. The quilt is going to be adorable. She's even considering a pieced back with extra fabric. Will definitely share the finished quilt with you when it's ready.

What was I working on during our little sewing afternoon? Well, I was mostly working on her quilt too. :-) More on my projects later.

Have a great rest of your weekend. See you tomorrow with another tutorial roundup!


  1. Looks like a great afternoon. I'll be quilting once the kids head to bed!

  2. Just listened to your podcast... SELFISH QUILTING.... AND yes I agree CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME... YOU are not being selfish putting your family first.

    The QUILT IN A DAY flying geese ruler is meant to be used when making ELENORE BURNS method of making flying geese. ONE of the easiest methods to make flying geese.... YOU GET FOUR in one sewing session. Then you trim up the blocks to size. You will love the and easy.

    Keep up your SELFISH CRAFTING ... MAKE FOR YOUR FAMILY it adds to family.

    keep podcasting

  3. Maybe because I am in my 60s.... I do not worry about the SHOULDs in life. I only do what I want to do life is too short.

  4. @Leah - Yeah! Sewing post bed is sometimes the only time I have too ;-)

    @Nonnie - Thank you for your words of encouragement.