Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stash Resolution Episode 4

Episode 4 Show Notes
Blip.TV Embedded Player Link (not sure if this is going to work!?)

What I'm Working On

Elsebeth Lavold Yarn
Pic of Spring Birdie Quilt to Come!

email me at if you're interested in joining.

Tips and Techniques
Watch for a separate post this week featuring Just Plain Jane Quilt's squaring up tutorial!

All pics below were taken at the quilt show.

Dresden Plate
Home Sweet Home
(above) Grandma's Flower Garden

(below) Ohio Star Flower

Trip Around the World


Grandma's Flower Garden

Grandma's Flower Garden

Eight Pointed Circle Star

Grandma's Flower Garden

Valley Quilts 30's Repro Charm Pack


  1. Episode 4.... I tried to download using SAVE TARGET AS.... Sorry it did not work. I will try on iTunes later tonight.

  2. Elaine - Sorry, I'm not much help when it comes to techy things. Subscribing on iTunes is your best bet, from my perspective.

  3. Sarah - I use John James Milliner needles for applique. I have tried the Fons and Porter applique needles, but I love te milliner ones better. They have a tiny eye and are hard to thread; but they are long and thin and make applique easy.

    I have tried lots of threads as I stitched my Frolic quilt. By far, my favorite it silk. It is thin and smooth. It glides through the fabric so easy and does not shred like cotton. Plus it is easy to thread in the needle and your stitches don't show.

    Thanks for another great podcast and the wonderful pictures.

  4. Thanks for the applique needle & thread recommendation, Brye!