Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Perfect Scant Quarter Inch Seams Tutorial

As promised in episode 4 of my podcast, here is Just Plain Jane Quilt's tutorial for perfect scant quarter inch seams. Check out Jannie's blog for more great ideas and tutorials.

The block is 9 inches square.

Photo 1 & 2: Drawing/drafting on the back of the fabric.

Photo 3: Place pins where the horizontal and vertical lines cross (center lines is a cut line).

Photo 4: Stitch lines should be where the drawn lines were.

Photo 5: Notice the center 9-patch block is within the measurements.

Photo 6: Continue adding to the center block.

Photo 7: Completed block.

Photo 8: Notice the block is 9 inches wide with the quarter inch seam allowances!

Thanks again, Jannie, for sharing this information with us!

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