Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stash Resolution Episode 3

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  1. Just listened to episode 3 but the sound in the first half was very low. I was able to hear the second half but I was wondering if your talked about Gracie during the first half & I missed it.
    I'm very interested in hearing how you like it. Any chance you can post of pic. of Gracie? I just started listening to your podcast & I really like it.

    -debby, Chester NY

  2. Hi Debby - Hmm... Sorry about the sound quality. I ran into some trouble while trying to record. Thanks for letting me know. Will try to do better next time.

    I didn't talk much about Gracie but will post pics when I get a new quilt loaded on it - hopefully this week.

    Thanks for listening! ;-)

  3. Great job on the podcast. It is a real skill and you've got it! I can relate to so much of what you are saying. I caught the quilting obsession when my now 13 year old daughter was about 1.I used to get up everyday at 5:00. People asked how do you find the time. I would say you make time for the things you love. It is more like a need than a want for quilters. I wanted to give you a suggestion for your HSTs. I always cut my squares about a quarter inch larger than the finished size calls for. Then I square them up to size after I sew them. It is an extra step but they are accurate every time!
    Have you joined a guild in Dayton. I Love Love Love my guild. Keep up the great work your pod-cast is fantastic!

  4. Thanks, Jill! I will give your HST suggestion a try.

    I haven't joined the local guild but am considering it. Being around other quilters in person - not just in blog land - would probably be very inspiring. There's also the new modern quilters guild that is starting up that sounds interesting too...

    Thanks for listening!

  5. I have been thinking about the modern quilt guild too. I joined online but missed the last meeting of my local chapter. The improvisational piecing is really fun! I know how hard it is to squeeze it in with a small child and a job. My daughters name is Gracie so I am especially interested in your Gracie I think my husband should understand that I ought to have one of those too!My email is copingwithgrace so I could have a double, triple meaning that way!
    I also wanted to give you a heads up. is having a 50% off sale on the Olivia fabric and they have Olivia stocking panels as well just in case you need more for your stash!

  6. Love the podcasts. You mentioned using satin stitch for appliques. Some of the best stitches are the blind hem, a very narrow zig zag, and the blanket stitch. I use a very narrow zig zag stitch - the width and length are 1. to 1.5. I don't applique by hand only by machine. Keep the episodes coming.

  7. Virginia - thanks for the suggestions. What stabilizer/interfacing do you use?

  8. I've used two different applique techniques. One was using freezer paper to prepare the shapes using spray starch on the edge of the fabric. The freezer paper is removed before stitching. The second I used a paper-like product which stays in the quilt that when washed becomes more fiber-like. With both techniques a stabilizer or interfacing isn't necessary. Check out Sharon Schambler's Youtube videos for machine applique. She has wan many awards for her quilts.