Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ravelympics - Ready, Set, Go!

The Ravelympics began in tandem with the lighting of the Olympic flame on Friday. What I thought I was going to work on for the next two weeks is no longer; to Roo sweater is not going to fit my daughter. That's what happens when you start a sweater in July for a two-year-old and think you're going to finish it in February. What a shame.

I literally threw the whole thing out. Didn't rip. Didn't try to salvage. I know. A waste. Not environmentally friendly - but mentally friendly. Just couldn't keep the thing around.

Instead, I am finishing my Ishbel. Here are pics of the WIP. I have completed sections A and B and repeated A. Last night, I began working on Section C and am about half way finished. All that is left is section D, which is around 8 row (of more than 200 stitches!), and E, which is the finishing edge. Finishing by the end of the Olympics should be no problem.

We got another round of snow last night... seriously sick of winter! In rebellion, I picked up this cute little springish decoration at a local thrift shop this weekend and put it out.

I'm also working on a spring-time table runner out of the rest of my Happy Camper plaid. Just backed with white and am doing cross-hatch quilting along the design lines.

Stay warm out there!

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