Monday, September 26, 2011


If I don't do a quick post today, there's no telling when it will happen. In the battle between parents and children, the children are winning today. Hands down. Olivia is presently screaming in her room because I told her she needed to have quiet time. Key word - QUIET!

Anyway, we did have a nice weekend and managed to finish a couple harvest-y of projects.

First up, a pumpkin made from this tutorial.

I think it looks okay in our family room - nice and festive. (Thanks to my mom for helping get the pieces cut and leaves embroidered!)

Olivia and I had a sewing date with my friend, Patty, and her daughter. We made ghost decorations out of muslin and batting.

The girls drew faces on them, and they were strung with floral wire to a piece of fabric. Great project for the under 10 crowd if you're looking for a fun Halloween activity - with parental supervision of course!

Finally, we made Halloween bunting using Alexander Henry's The Ghastlies fabric. Such a fun line in a spooky-silly way.

Hope you're getting this week off to a great start and are doing something fun to mark the beginning of autumn!

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