Monday, September 19, 2011


It's been a flurry of activity around here. I feel like I never stop moving. There's the laundry to keep up with, children who need fed, bathed, changed, mail to sort, coupons to clip, carpet to vaccuum. Yesterday, when both girls were having breakdowns simultaneously, my husband and I looked at each other and I said, "They're trying to kill us!" :-) True, this is a happy time, though exhausting.

Isabelle turned one month this weekend. She has gained three pounds in four weeks, which is pretty amazing for a nursed baby. I bought monthly stickers to take her photo from this lovely shop. She has definitely filled out in her cheeks and legs (and wasn't feeling a photo shoot yesterday!).

Anyway, I finished another Simple Little Runner for a wedding gift, this time out of Kate Spain's Flurry. It was washed and wrapped within hours of the event! But a win is a win, right?

I just love this collection with the pop of bright blue. 

I did simple meandering quilting and used solid fabric for the backing and binding. Hope the happy couple will enjoy bringing this holiday decoration out for years to come.

If the stars align, I am going to record a podcast this morning. Stay tuned for a jam-packed episode! There is so much to share. :-)


  1. Sweet baby girl. Our grandbaby is fixing to turn 8 months October 1. Time flies. Soon your little sweet thing will be crawling around and exploring the world around her.

    Babies -- our message of hope for the future... So sweet and so precious!

  2. Oh days...I remember...and I forget. =)

    Yay for the happy weight gain. My son gained 2 lbs in the first two weeks...the doctor thought the scale was broken and took him to another room...only to find out it was true! He was a good nurser. =)

    I love your runner and flurry is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your work with us...and have a great week!

  3. Sarah, I just listened to the first 1/2 of your podcast. LOL, all I can say is I SOOOO understand where you're coming from with it all: the deliveryroom drama, being worried more about the baby than yourself, how juggling 2 is much more than just twice the work, and trying to fit in some sewing time on top of all the other stuff you know needs to get done around the house. I remember sometime in the 3rd or 4th week when Maddy finally came home, Sam's school had a different themed dress EVERY DAY of the week - I was like, are you freakin' kidding me with this?!?! And of course, the Mommy guilt didn't allow me to neglect that on top of managing new baby, yes, I get the Mommy guilt/a little extra spoiling too. Are you planning to return to work? If so, we need to talk, lol. Because it doesn't get easier when you add that element's so much fun as they grow, but not easier, lol. Enjoy the time now, soak up every minute with both girls, and I think when you can sew, continue to savor that as well. As my Mom wisely said to me after I had Sam, "All you can do is all you can do." And that is plenty!! I am happy to Skype if you'd like to connect with another working mom to 2 little girls. Send me an email, I am usually up early too!
    Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom blog and podcast)

  4. Your baby is so adorable, even when she is crying! I love the stickers for her monthly photos.

    The table runner is really nice, and I agree that I love that pop of blue. I never was a blue lover in the past, but it is definitely growing on me these days.

    Looking forward to listening to the new podcast, I see that it's waiting for me in itunes.


  5. Beautiful baby girl!! I love the stickers for the monthly photos. I did that with both my girls but they were in their diaper. So nice to see them grow like that!
    Thanks for sharing!