Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Episode 34: Newsie

Here are links to what I talked about in episode 34 of the Stash Resolution podcast. Download episodes for free on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

Moby Wrap
Knitmore Girls podcast
Pumpkin tutorial by Pink Suede Shoes
Fabric Pinwheel tutorial by Night Owl Crafting
Flower buttons purchased here
Super Quick Baby Bonnet
Upside Down Daisy hat
Sew Forth Now
Singer - My Singer Story
Project Modern Challenge 4
V & Co pillow cover tutorial
Lots of Pink Here
Cottonway ironing board cover
Generation Q Magazine
Quilting Daydreams
Quilter in the Gap
Very Lazy Daisy
Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Magazine


  1. http://verylazydaisy.podomatic.com/


    She has applied for iTunes connection but it has not yet happened. She also has a blog for pictures.


    Loved the latest podcast but I want to pick up your baby..... I miss having babies around the house.... the boys are now 3-1/2 and will not let me pick them up..... BOYS!


  2. Sarah, you are amazing, all of these things you are up to with a 1 month old baby and another young child. Looking from the outside in, you seem to handle the newborn phase very well! I certainly did not, it was enough that I could get myself out of bed and dressed.

    At any rate, what a great podcast with such awesome content. I have lots of links to check out!

    Also, I just started a blog, which is in its very early stages and I am trying to back-enter previous projects, but I'd love for you to visit.


  3. I love the Moby wrap. I actually have a wrap like it called a Cuddly Wrap. I still put my daughter in it at nearly 2. She lived in it for months as a baby. LOVES it still! They get to be close to you and they leave your hands free. Love it!

  4. P.S. Here is a super cute flying geese mini quilt that I LOVE:

  5. @ Nonnie - Thank you for the link correction! And you can come over any time between the hours of midnight and five a.m. to hold Isabelle. :-) Ha!

    @ Heather - Love your blog! Just added it to my Google Reader - cute ironing board cover! And great minds think alike - I also stumbled upon the Purl Bee flying geese quilt this a.m.. Trying to figure out how I can re-create the look with my stash. The reverse solids/prints is awesome, and love how she changed the "flying" directions. Great pattern. Thanks for posting the link!

    @Kate - I agree - getting to keep your baby close while being able to actually accomplishing something - even a little thing - is the best of both worlds (cue Hannah Montana!)

  6. Sarah, do you mind if I take your swell cloth button to display on my blog?

  7. Sarah- you had made a comment about how to get your cross stitch on the fabric. In the magazine, it is probably counted x-stitch, so you would need to tape (masking tape works) waste canvas (found at a big box craft store) in the count you want, and then you can count your squares like usual.

  8. @heatherD Of course I don't mind! Thanks for helping spread the word :-)

    @G Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. I can't wait to try it - been a long time since doing cross stitch. Do you cross stitch often? If so, do you have any favorite pattern sites?

  9. Thanks for the mention. I have been listening to your podcast for quite some time. Now that you have had the baby, I enjoy it even more because I can hear the grunts of a baby in the background. Such a soothing sound...not that your voice isn't soothing but she often steals the show! LOL I am not sure if anyone answered your question about the cross-stitch or not. If it is counted and you are putting it on plain fabric, simply purchase waste canvas and you are good to go. Here is a little about it...http://crossstitch.about.com/od/wastecanva1/p/wastecanvas.htm I am off to look at all the lovely links you posted. Chat later!