Monday, November 15, 2010

Tutorial Round Up: Flying Geese Techniques

Happy Monday! What? I didn't hear you. Let's try that again. (deep breath) Happy Monday! Yeah... I'm with you. Not that enthusiastic about the start of the work week either...

Let's distract ourselves for a few more minutes with a quilty topic, shall we?

I started a project using Flying Geese and thought you might enjoy seeing some of the variations on techniques available as free tutorials.

Many of you may be aware there is a Flickr group dedicated to the topic called Flying Geese Quilts and Blocks. So, if you try out any of these tutorials, consider joining their group and posting a pic to share the inspiration wealth.


  1. |I love the paper piecing block! I am not a big fan of flying geese. I can't seem to get them right. Maybe this would be a cool way to to change my mind.

  2. The flying geese in the fourth (I'm behind!) FQS Mystery Christmas BOM drove me crazy - as with sewinggeek, mine don't match up either, so thank you for the links. Good luck with the rest of your Monday!

  3. @sewinggeek: I hear you... Flying Geese are tough - but they look so good... I haven't tried the paper-piecing yet. Would love to know what you think!

    @Susan: I remember the fourth block being a difficult one. Stick with it -the end result is SO worth it! Just received the most recent block - it's super-cute, as they all are. Good luck playing catch up!