Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap Sent and Received

Hello, my friends. Are you as sad as I am that this holiday weekend is wrapping up, and we have to return to the real world tomorrow? :-(

Well, here are a few pics to bring some you some cheer. The Scrappy Mug Rug Swap has wrapped up, and I have both sent and received my goodies.

I received this adorable owl mug rug from Dena (a.k.a. denawayne on Flickr). Isn't she cute?

Dena also generously added several fabric cuts from the same line she used to make the mug rug. How thoughtful was that?

Thank you, Dena, for making this lovely gift for me - I will enjoy using it every day. :-)

Here is what I sent my partner, who was  Me1issa - a Double Dresden Plate. The outer ring blades were cut in 3-1/2" lengths, and the inner ring of blades in 2" lengths. I think the result is pretty effective and a slightly different take on a traditional pattern - if I don't say so myself!

I also included a few goodies...

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with a tutorial round up (topic yet to be determined - ideas?).

Happy sewing!


  1. Oops. Sarah. Dena is Dena. We didn't receive from who we sent to. But I'm glad you liked it jst the same. happy Holidays. Now I can put you down as a contact after stalking you:)

  2. I like your double dresden plate idea. I've not worked with a dresden plate yet. The little who mug rug is also very cute.

  3. I love your double dresden plate idea! I have yet to tackle a single dresden yet, but I hope to next year. The little owl is really sweet. I am sure you will love using it!

  4. Dena - Again I am SO sorry for the mix up. I feel so silly... and am sorry if I hurt your feelings - or upset any one else. Yikes! This is a good lessing in slowing down.

    Thanks again for the amazing mug rug. I've been using it all day. First, coffee, then, lemonade... wine later? :-)


  5. @Janet and Melanie - Here is the link where I got the inspiration.

    Thanks for your nice comments! :-)

  6. Sarah, no problems really and no hurt feelings. I've just finished a lovely glass of red wine and I hope you get to relax with yours like I did mine. So glad we are contacts now because you are inspiring girl. I'm making that quilt as you go table runner. Thanks for the idea. One Christmas present down:)