Friday, April 15, 2011


I can check one off my Short List - the Bullseye Quilt is finished! This quilt is for Olivia. With so much excitement about the baby, I wanted to make sure she feels special and that "mommy" still makes nice things for her too.

I had a lot of fun with this pattern. The play of pattern and solid borders adds some dimension to an otherwise quite simple block.

I used Tanya Whelan's Delilah and Bella Solid in Bleached White. This fabric line is so beautiful. The vintage roses and polka dots appeal to me lately.

I tried Oh, Fransson's Loopy Flowers quilting tutorial and am pleased with the results. Of course, you can look at the quilt and spot which were the first flowers (a little rough and uneven) and the last (only slightly more even but smoother stitches).

I took Elizabeth's advice in the tutorial and off set the flowers from the blocks. It does give it a more organic look, I must say.

The binding is a sweet green and pink plaid. I machine attached it to the front of the quilt and hand-tacked to the back - a task I look forward to, snuggled under the quilt.

Lastly, I had to share with you my favorite Easter decoration - this vintage glass egg holder. My mom found this for me on Etsy, and I look forward to bringing it out each year. The bird at one point was re-attached to the main piece - the fracture line is still visible. But I love it's charm and the happiness it brings to my kitchen table during this season.

Wishing you a happy weekend. Talk with you soon!


  1. Love that quilt! So beautiful! I want to make one in those colors!
    I got my Swell Cloth order in the mail yesterday! It was folded and wrapped so pretty. Thank you for the quick and excellent customer service. Makes me want to order more!

  2. I love that range of fabric & your quilt is gorgeous, -the binding sets it off brilliantly.

  3. The squares in the square are so attractive. I like how you off-set the squares as well.