Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cincinnati International Quilt Festival

Well, I snapped a lot on pictures at the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival this weekend, but apparently my camera decided to not record. Any. Of. Them. Ugh!

So, all I have are the memories and pics I took tonight to show you is the "damage" - a.k.a. my purchases.

First up is a new rotary cutter. Since I do cut so frequently with the shop, I figured investing in a serious ergonomic rotary cutter would eventually be well worth the money. The Grace Company offered a chance to test out the rotary cutter at the show, and I was impressed with the minimal pressure needed and how straight my wrist stayed.

Next up, I bought some cute pink pom-pons. Not sure what project they will be used for, but with all the girls in our house I'm sure I'll think of something. :-)

These little templates just found me, and I knew they needed a good home - my stash! How cute is that Mini Dresden Plate? And I've really wanted to try making diamond stars for quite some time. Paper piecing might be a good way to achieve that look rather than piecing.

Finally, the day's big purchase - Heather Ross Far Far Away II. The prints were irresistible - so sweet and perfect for, oh, I don't know what yet but will eventually figure it out.

While I searched high and low, flannel and oil cloth offerings were thin. I never did see oil cloth, and the flannel wasn't my cup of tea. Despite not finding those things, I am really happy with what I bought and am looking forward to podcasting and blogging about the projects made with them. I'll recap my impression of the show in the next podcast episode.


  1. I was there too! I did see ONE booth with 2 oilcloth bolts. But that was it! Great finds! i'm posting my "damage" too - maybe tomorrow. What fun!

  2. PS If you're ever in C-bus, Sew to Speak has a good oilcloth selection..

  3. I saw that booth!! And promptly dropped a ton of cash. Le sigh!