Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half Hexi Table Runner

This week, I got started practicing with my new Half Hexagon ruler purchased here before making a larger project with it. Using left over Jelly Roll strips from the Maritnique line (by 3 Sisters for Moda), I had plenty of fabric to cut for small table runner.

The cutting went very quickly with 3-4 strips stacked. It felt good knowing I was using up every last bit of this pre-cut with very little waste.

Laying out the pieces took a little time and thought. Like a puzzle, it suddenly came together.

Now I'm in the process of sewing the rows together, having to pin each one to the next before hitting the machine to keep them in the correct order. The actual sewing and ironing takes no time at all. It's just the up-front prep work to stay organized that is a little consuming.

I envision adding a couple of borders around the hexagons to finish it off. Will update you when I get to that stage!


  1. Love the hexie! And the fabrics you used are so yummy! Love.

  2. Oh, this will be a pretty one! :-}pokey

  3. very cute. I think I need that ruler.