Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stash Resolution Episode 19: Tick Tock

Show Notes

Please send me your holiday stories for our Holiday-Themed podcast by December 17. You can email me the text to read or send a MP3 file.

What I'm Working On

Bad Stitches Happen to Good People: Why directional prints matter!

Topic: An interview with my BFF-BQF Patty Sorrell. Thanks, Patty, for taking time out of your busy life to share your love of quilting with us!

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  1. I enjoyed listening to your interview with Patty! I think an interview of you by Patty would be fun to listen to, also. I would love to hear the stories!

  2. Ha! I knew you would all gang up on me. :-)

    Thanks for commenting. How are your Never Not Knitting pattern projects coming along?

  3. Loved your podcast. It's okay not to act our ages all the time;) I always act like that if I am having a crafting night with one of my crafty friends. Don't be so hard on yourself. If other people don't like it they just need to get over themselves, because this podcast is about you and that's why we like it. ;)

  4. Thank you, Kate! I appreciate you saying that.

  5. Sarah, you are killing me (in a good way) with the knitting. I thought I was in Sandy's camp but the way you talk about knitting makes me want to try it out. Plus it sounds like a great way to hang with the husband when he watches TV. Funny how you almost brought your knitting into see HP. :) So....where does someone who has never been in a yard store, seen knitting needles in person, START? Should I just go into a yarn store? Can you recommend a newbie website for me? Thanks!

  6. Hi Susan. I am SO happy to help convert you to the dark side. Ha!

    The link above is an invaluable resource. It's how I learned to go from a scarf to a sweater.

    Buy a pair of size 8 straight needles (bamboo or metal - doesn't matter at first). Then, buy a ball of worsted weight yarn.

    Follow the tutorial and "cast on" 40 stitches. Then, follow the tutorial for "garter stitch" (you'll knit on both sides). Before you know it, you'll have a scarf!

    Happy to help trouble shoot. Feel free to email me!

    I highly recommend you try to find a yarn store to help you too. And they will have better quality product than big-box stores.

    Good luck, and please keep me posted!

  7. I'm a little behind, but I just listened to this episode - I loved the interview!! Please, please let Patty interview you - that would be so fun!

  8. @Denise - Ha! We shall see. Might make a good April Fools joke. :-)