Monday, October 11, 2010

Tutorial Round Up: Ruffle Refashion

I have to admit I love the look of flowers and ruffles that are all so "right now." Who would have thought making them would be so easy? Check out these tutorials on how add a little frill and fuss to yesterday's simple tops.

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    Found this on line .... if you have patterns to get rid of you can make some money... LOL.... I have been having a blast at looking through these sites.

    There is a whole group of sewers that only sew VINTAGE PATTERNS.... I love looking at their pictures.... And no I am NOT going to switch to sewing clothes except for kid clothes / projects. You can find patterns at garage shows, estate sales, rummage sales. MY GF just puts the word out at various craft venues and she gets flooded with patterns of all sorts.

    But just thought other might be interested in it.... LOVING IT.

    there are more links if you want to follow them on these blogs.