Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drama, Drama

Hi. My name is Sarah. And I'm certifiably overwhelmed. In fact, so much so that I just spent about 5 minutes staring at a blank blog form, mind racing about what there is to do this week. 5k run on Tuesday... Several doctors appointments at various times/days... Halloween... Halloween parties... Halloween treat bags... Charity event on Thursday night... Networking breakfast... Meetings to lead... Website updates... Deadlines... Laundry... Check in on grandma... What the heck are we going to eat for dinner... Can't. Take. Any. More!

When am I supposed to sew? sleep? sit quietly with a book? spend a few minutes with a friend? When did life get like this?

Okay - enough complaining. You don't read this blog to hear about my drama. You read it to see what I'm up to in quilt-land. On with the show...

I finished a pair of Portobello Pixie ruffle pants for Olivia today out of Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet line. She absolutely refused to model them - so you're getting the ole' hanger shot. :-)

This pattern is so awesome - I will make these pants for her again and again. They're so easy, taking about two hours from cut to top-stitch. Highly recommend for the wee ones in your life.

Mom and I went to Jo-Ann's today where I purchased 1.25 yds of dark blue corduroy and 1 yard of lace trim.

Plans are not nailed down for these yet - but I have a couple ideas in mind, one of which is this cute camera bag.

Finally, here is a sneak-peak at my finished curtains. Just need hubby to hang the curtain rod for me - and then will take a finished photo!

Okay, my dear friends, have a lovely week. Bracing myself for a crazy one... for now, I'm going to curl up with my knitting and have a few minutes of peace before turning in for the night - a few stolen moments of solitude.


  1. I think that being overwhelmed and over booked is what allot of us women do. Especially those of us that are creative. Take a big deep breath and do it one day at a time.
    Your daughters pants look so comfy to wear. And I love your curtain material.
    Hope you have a good week!

  2. Life is definetly a little crazy at times. If your anything like me though, when it's too slow you may feel a little crazy then too. Sometimes the madness of having things to do keeps me going in all my projects. Or gives me more drive to get them done once I can get back to them. Or other times I take a week off and watch tv in my spare time instead.

  3. Yep. I hear ya! Just be thankful for what you have (which it sounds like you are) and bask in the "me" moments. Hang in there!

    BTW, I am a podcaster and knitter and a new sewer and was feeling unmotivated and uninspired for a while, but after listening to your podcast, it has inspired me to keep podcasting and sewing and enjoy it again. So thank you!