Sunday, May 1, 2011

Episode 29: An Interview with Heather Jones of Olive and Ollie

Thank you to Heather Jones for finding time in her very busy schedule to speak with us about her design business, Olive and Ollie!

Check out Heather's winning Project Modern quilts:

Challenge 1
Challenge 2

What to enter Challenge 3? Details found here.

Project Updates:
Knit Picks The Cora Cloche Pattern
Knit Picks Baby Offset Cable Cardigan Pattern
Scandinavian Stitches blogged here
Half Hexagon table runner blogged here
Baby Shrug blogged here
Sugar and Cream Cowl

Bad Stitches Happen to Good People: Why I want to make a sign for my laundry room that says, "Handknits do NOT belong here!"

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  1. I just listened to your latest podcast. So sorry about your felted sweater! I had a similar laundry accident involving my husband, a pair of red overalls that had never been washed before and an expensive WHITE outfit. Just a word of advice: husbands who do laundry are a rare breed. You want your husband to do laundry, just not the delicate things that need special handling. We have managed to stay married because I sort the laundry before it goes into the hamper. I pull out the hand/cold wash items, and he does the rest. Many woman make such a big deal out of laundry, their DS stops trying, and you don't want that!

  2. No, you are not the only one! And I am not even pregnant.

  3. Just catching up with podcasts today. How awful about your sweater! Bet your husband feels awful. Thanks for the podcast. I don't know how you do all it all. Hope you are getting enough rest!

  4. Another entertaining podcast, as usual. That really sucks about the felted sweater. I would suggest not knitting with 100 percent wool anymore. That way, it won't felt if it accidentally gets washed.
    Also, I think we can all relate to having a breakdown once in a while. Besides, you're pregnant, so you have a good excuse! lol!

  5. @Laura - You're right. It is a delicate balance for sure. He is helping with the laundry this weekend, so I don't think I've completely traumatized him... yet! :-)

    @Lauretta6 - Glad to know I'm in good company!

    @Jane - I'm taking the weekend to rest. Thanks for your kind comments!

    @Melissa - You're SO right. Super wash wool should be my default yarn choice. :-)