Sunday, March 27, 2011


After months and months of talk, I finally, FINALLY, finished Olivia's Helena Sweater.

 A free Knitty pattern, this was a very fun knit. A faster, more dedicated knitter could whip this up in no time, especially in a smaller size.

I used the recommended needle sizes in the pattern - US Sizes 6 and 2. The yarn was O-Wool in a delicious icy blue colorway. The wool is as soft as cotton, making it wearable for my sensitive toddler.

As you can see, I messed up on the lace. It was totally operator's error and nothing to do with the pattern, which was easy-peasy to read and follow. The only tricky part was doing the picot edges - I used You Tube tutorials to help me through the technique. All in all - a fun knit with fantastic yarn!

In other news, I postponed the podcast for 1 week for personal reasons. However, this puts me on a better recording schedule with upcoming quilt shows. SO, watch for a new episode next weekend. Thanks for your understanding!


  1. love YouTube tutorials! and that sweater is darling. way to go!

  2. That is amazing. You have a talent for it that I do not! Nice Work!!

  3. Thank you @I am Just One Mom and Karyli!

  4. The sweater is adorable. It looks great. You did a very good job in making the sweater.