Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cat's out of the Bag

Well, the super-secret project I was working on in January is now officially public - my pattern, the Reversible Spring Table Runner, is in the latest issue of CraftSanity magazine! I'm incredibly excited and thankful that crafting extraordinaire Jennifer Akerman-Haywood gave me this amazing opportunity - my first published piece.

Jennifer was also kind enough to spare a few minutes of her busy schedule to answer some questions about this latest issue (isn't the cover gorgeous!?).

1. After the success of CraftSanity Magazine Issue 1, how does it feel to have Issue 2 in hand? Is it just as exciting this time around?
Ignorance was bliss when I was putting together issue 1. I had no idea how challenging it was going to be to start a magazine, so I just plowed ahead and did it. Going into issue 2 I was well aware of the challenges, so at certain points it was more daunting. But, yes, it is exciting to have completed issue 2. The most exciting thing is to have such supportive readers. 

2. What can readers expect to find in this latest issue?
We cover a lot in issue 2. From rug hooking, basket weaving and hairpin lace to knitting, crocheting, quilting and sewing  -- there's something in this issue for every crafter. There's also an excellent pita bread recipe written by an skilled baker and a tooth fairy pouch project to do with the kids. We have another super cute paper doll in this issue and a darling wool felt bunny pattern, too. 
3. Is there a theme running through the patterns and articles?
We have a basic Spring theme running through this issue. From a woven bike tote to tie to the front of your bike to a recycled fabric cap to sew and wear under your helmet, there are projects for those who like to spend time outside. The crochet basket and egg cozy projects are designed to get readers ready for Easter. And the hairpin lace "Picnic Mitts" pattern is a great entry level project for those who like to slip on fingerless gloves on cool spring evenings. 
4. You interviewed crafting legend Carol Duvall for this issue. What was that experience like? 
I had previously met and interviewed Carol for my CraftSanity podcast, so it was fun to catch up with her and see what she's been up to. She's a wonderful storyteller with has an interesting perspective on the craft world. During my visit I got to see her craft room for the first time. It's fantastic with a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan, proving that Carol Duvall truly knows how to craft in style. :  ) 
5. If someone is interested in submitting a project idea, what is the best way to go about it?

The best way to submit a project idea is to e-mail me ( I plan to publish a variety of projects in every issue, so I'm looking for cute embroidery, crochet, knitting and sewing patterns as well as tutorials in other craft mediums. The sky is really the limit, so if you have an idea, by all means get in touch! 
6. You are one busy lady! What's next for you - besides working on CraftSanity Magazine Issue 3? 
Besides work on upcoming CraftSanity Magazine issues and podcasts, I'd like to start writing my first book soon. :  )

I adored Issue 1 and am sure Issue 2 will be even better! CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2 can be purchased as either a PDF download or print copy in Jennifer's successful Etsy shopPre-order your copy today and save $1 off the cover price. Orders will begin to ship next week!


  1. Are you kidding me?! You are so incredibly talented!!

  2. How exciting! Congrats to you!