Friday, February 25, 2011


My daughter, Olivia, has an Olivia the Pig quilt and pillow at day care. This set was one of my first projects as a new quilter about two years ago when Olivia was just 2-years-old. Now 3-1/2, she has recently told me her feet stick out of the quilt. Well, we can't have that, can we?

I set to work finding the perfect pattern that would come together quickly and show off nice pink fabric, color per her request. Oh, and the pattern had to be big enough to cover her head to toe. The spring 2011 issue of Quilts and More magazine had just the pattern - Diamond in the Ruff.

I really like the extra texture of the ruffles on the preppy argyle piecing. Little kids love to run their hands over things to see what it will feel like - at least my daughter does. I can just imagine her being comforted at nap time by the warmth of the quilt and the feel of the ruffles under her little fingers.

The fabric I chose is Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow. It's girlie yet sophisticated.

Using strip pieces cut on angles, the main part of the quilt comes together quickly - once I figured out the cutting method. The directions are pretty clear, but it still took some problem solving skills to think through it. A more experienced quilter may have an easier time.

If you decide to make this quilt too, I recommend getting 2 yards of the solid and main print fabrics because I found that 1-5/8 yards was not enough to make the required blocks. Even with careful trimming, I ran short by about 1/4 yard. Better to have a little extra for a scrappy backing or matching pillow than have heartbreak over running out of fabric.

Tomorrow at the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild sew-in, I will piece the top together - including the borders - and work on the ruffles. Not sure how I will quilt it yet - but probably will end up doing stippling between the ruffles.

What do you plan to sew this weekend? Please share in the comments!


  1. I was just looking at that quilting mag tonight .. love the quilt and your fabrics are great! Don't know that I'll be sewing at all this weekend .. am I allowed to admit that. I have three quilts I need to get to work on too ..

  2. I have a baby quilt that I need to do some quilting on this wkeekend, also a cusion cover to finish hand-quilting. Also my rag rug I definitley need to get on with, oh and I want to make a case for my phone ...not much then! And lets not mention the housework! x

  3. @Thea - I hope you at least find 15 minutes for yourself this weekend for sewing. :-)

    @Erica - Housework will always be here. I saw sew (and maybe speed clean in between projects?). Have fun!


    Have a question for you.

    We now have a little girl in the family to sew for. What kind of fabrics do you choose? I use to find 100% cotton was a pain cause it needed ironing all the time. Has fabric improved from 26 years ago so that I won't have to iron all the time... cause that ain't going to happen.

    Take your book to Office Max / Staples and they will add a spiral to any books. Most books can be bound without loosing any of the center spine printing.

    Iron collects minerals from the water you use. Our water has iron in it and it spews rust....YUCK... Use distill water only... then clean the iron using one of those iron cleaning products.

    Happy Quilting... Nonnie
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  5. That quilt is terrific! I have the magazine so I'm going to bookmark that. Funny how sometimes it takes seeing a quilt on someone's blog to get my interest. That happens to me a lot o:). I think Olivia will love it - your fabric choices are fabulous!

  6. That is such a darling quilt! I can't wait to see your finished product!
    I never finished the birthday banner for my daugther's Valentine birthday. I need to get back to working on that this weekend. I think I will put other letters on it instead of happy birthday and use it for a deration in her bedroom.

  7. This is a popular quilt this weekend. My 18DD saw it and off the fabric store. She wants to tackle it this week on her day off school.
    She made her FIRST EVER quilt top this week on her snowday from school and now is addicted to wanting to make more. She is going to study engineering so quilting came easy for her. And she did an amazing job! Can't wait to see your finished quilt in this pattern
    J-me.. MI

  8. What a cute pattern! Love your fabric choices. I was sad to miss the sew-in but hopefully I will see you again at the next meeting!

  9. Love the quilt! Thx for sharing the tips! I spent the weekend at the QuiltFest in Hampton VA and am very excited to get some sewing done this weekend after being inspired by the beautiful quilts and vendors!

  10. I love the quilt. You really made fast progress on it.
    Today, I plan on making two Amy Butler handbags from the Style Stitches book. I have the pieces for the blossom handbag cut out already. The other bag is the small key keeper/coin purse. The key keeper bag is for a swap through A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate. The larger bag is for may daughter.

  11. Love the quilt too. Funny because I just picked up the magazine today.

  12. @Nonnie - Thank you for all of the wonderful tips you left. You are a fountain of quilty knowledge, and I need to get caught up on your podcast to learn more! :-)

    I recommend cotton for little ones. It's so soft next to their skin. I find a quick tumble in the drier takes out enough wrinkles to be acceptable.

  13. @J-me - So happy to hear your daughter is getting into sewing and quilting. That's wonderful! Now... are you prepared to share your stash with her? ;-)