Sunday, February 20, 2011


Quiet weekend = a lot of sewing and knitting. I decided there's no better time than now to start tackling the Short List I blogged about earlier this week and cut fabric for the Bullseye quilt.

Using fabric from Tanya Whelan Delilah, I cut 9 fat quarters and 1 yard of Moda Bella Solid in Bleached White. Amazingly, this is plenty of fabric to complete the quilt top as the pattern is written in the tutorial!

I tried to stay organized by color and by block type (there are two different blocks) by using labeled copier paper and fabric stacks. Still, I managed to mess up the math (ugh!) and had to do a little additional cutting once I started sewing and realized some pieces were missing (bad stitches happen to good people?).

Making the best use of time, I chain pieced. This block requires A LOT of ironing, and eliminating the up-and-down from the sewing machine overtime will make this a faster project.

Chain piecing meant I also chain ironed. I got a steam facial this weekend without stepping foot in a spa!

And here' s an early look of the quilt. I'm about half way though the blocks (30 are needed).

Taking a break from sewing, I decided to take my yarn out of the plastic storage bins and display them in my studio. This is far more inspiring! And a wake up call that I really need to improve my stash - there isn't much of anything here. This calls for a little fiber shopping...

Finally - I finished my Mother Bear project and am so excited to put it in the mail tomorrow to the good folks who will distribute it to the kiddos in need.

So, that a weekend makes (along with walks, trips to the park, cleaning out the attic, errand running, ballet class... you know, the usual). How was your weekend? What did you make?


  1. You got a lot done!! My weekend was spent with my Dad who turns 75 tomorrow! It was a three hour trip there and back and I was able to read through some quilting mags and crochet a little anyway. Next weekend is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show so many the Next weekend is the sewing one??? Better do some during the week, I need a sewing fix!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I spent most of Saturday getting the oil changed in our truck, getting it washed and vacumed, shopping for groceries and necessities. Cleaning my kitchen, and finish reading my book "Unearthly". Then Sunday was mostly church then fellowship, then church again, and more fellowship. All in all a good weekend, but got no sewing done. :( So maybe I can get some sewing done durring the week.

  3. @KatKing and Kate - Here's hoping for some sewing time for both of you this week. ;-)