Sunday, December 27, 2009


Now that it is post-Christmas, I am thinking about my New Year's Resolution. This year, my resolution is to lose stash weight. An avid knitter, quilter, and sewer, I have accumulated a respectable stash of yarn and fabric (and notions). I'm making a public resolution to not buy any more supplies until I have used 50% of what I currently own.

Impossible? Maybe. I decided there need to be a few rules and loopholes. As follows...

1. I can purchase new materials for gift-making. After all, I wouldn't want to short-change somebody by giving them something made from OLD materials right? That's almost like re-gifting in a way...

2. I can buy notions to complete projects using stash fabric and yarn. For instance, I can buy thread to match fabric for quilting or a needle size needed for a knitting project.

3. Fabric or yarn to complete projects can be completed but only in the lowest quantity possible. For example, if I make a quilt and need backing, I can buy this but only enough to finish that project. 

Sound fair enough? I'm excited to get started. As you will see from my photos (will post soon), I pulled out all of the fabric I own. By some standards, it probably doesn't look like much. There are many bloggers I read who own mountains more. To others, it may look excessive. For me, it is enough that I have started to feel guilty and need to purge before adding new.

What is my reward? For every completed project out of stash, I am going to pay myself $5. I'll save that money up for a huge fabric buying spree once I've eliminated half my stash.

How will I know I've reached 50%? I am in the process of identifying what I have in terms of yards and ounces. I'll post that soon and start a count down so you all can track my progress along with me.

Thanks for joining me on my stash resolution. Looking forward to your comments and encouragements! 

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