Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Modern Quilt Along

I stumbled across this quilt along from Spring 2009 by Oh, Fransson!, one of my absolute favorite blogs to read. The theme is "modern sampler."

(image from Oh, Fransson! blog)

There are 6 different blocks she walks participants through - A through F. Her directions are delightfully clear and comprehensive. As a newer quilter, I am having no problems keeping up.

I cut for this quilt this weekend out of Studio E's Gabrielle and Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks. The directions instruct to select a dominant and "other" fabric for the best outcome. My dominant fabric is purple and my "other" is blue. We'll see how that comes together. I'm not 100% sold on my choices.

So far, I have completed piecing blocks A & B and am working through C, which is probably the most time intensive. C is the one below with all the little squares. 

I'm thoroughly enjoying this pattern and will post updates as they happen. Oh - and I have to confess that I did order more fabric ... for the back of this quilt. I ordered it directly to size as called for on the pattern. Boy did it feel good to click "buy." Ever since I've been on this diet, all I've wanted to do is consume yarn & fabric. The temptation is unbelievable! 

Anyway, happy hump day! Talk to you soon!

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