Thursday, December 31, 2009


So, my dear friend gave me a Christmas gift yesterday - four spools of incredibly luxurious thread, high-end quilting needles, and a gift certificate to a local quilt store. I feel so spoiled!

The spools are from Essential and the needles are John James. She said she bought both at Connecting Threads. Apparently, both brands can be difficult to find. After she purchased the thread, she said Essential has mixed reviews. I am not a picky thread user, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

She gave me a range of browns, from a delicious cream, to a dusty gold, to deep chocolate. I am planning to use the cream (or maybe the gold!?) on my Oh, Frannson Modern Sampler, which I will most likely stipple. 

And so my stash is growing, but it is in all good ways. I plan to go shopping with said friend on Saturday to spend my gift certificate (combined with another gift certificate from a different friend... they know me well, right?). The big question is, what should I buy???

Happy New Year's Eve to anyone who stumbles upon this blog...

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