Saturday, August 27, 2011


After reading this post by Amy at Lots of Pink Here, I was inspired to make Olivia a travel pouch for her overnight visits at her grandparents' houses. But first I had to conquer the zipper!

On Amy's good recommendation, I purchased an assortment of zippers from Zipit and was super pleased with the quick shipping and friendly customer service. Her shop is like a virtual candy store of zippers!

Then, I used this tutorial by Vanessa Hewell of LBG Studio make the patchwork pouch. Using scraps of Heather Bailey Nicey Jane, I actually cut out for two pouches. Proving that bad stitches still happen to good (sleep deprived) people, one bit the dust when I accidentally snipped through the exterior in the very last step of the project. UGH!

The second patchwork was in a blue and green color way... And was intended for Olivia's ballet instructor as an end-of-summer gift. So, instead, I whipped up a solid exterior version using Echino fabric. Without messing with piecing, this came together in under 10 minutes. We added a gift card to a coffee shop and - voila! - teacher gift done.

I can see making a bunch of these for holiday teacher gifts. Maybe I'll add a little more jazz to them when I'm not under pressure to finish it in between feedings and diaper changes!


  1. So cute! They would make great teacher gifts- with a little gift card tucked inside! I bookmarked this post so that I can come back to it- thanks!

  2. These look great idea! They will make great gifts!

  3. @theygrowuptoofast - Teachers gifts are so difficult to come up with - at least to me. Last year I got way too crafty and think this is a little more simplified approach for this year. What have you given in the past? Do you usually make teachers something?

    @Mary Sarah - Thank you! It would be easy to dive into embellishments, etc. So many possibilities.