Monday, July 25, 2011

For Our Girls

My husband and I have already begun to affectionately refer to Liv and the baby as "our girls," even though the baby has not been born yet. (36 weeks! For those of you who have asked - Yes, I'm still pregnant. No, I'm not sleeping very well. Yes, I'm very, very hot in this 100-degree weather. Thank you for your kind emails and messages! They mean so much to me.)

I finished a couple of projects in the last week for "our girls." First up is a poorly photographed toss pillow for Olivia's room. Using left-over Heather Bailey Nicey Jane, I created a striped pattern and then appliqued flowers using a template from this book.

The flowers are fused and then raw-edge appliqued to the pillow top. I should have used a white or cream for the outer ring as it's really difficult to see the flower outline, even in person.

On the back, I used a stripe from the same collection, created an envelope closure, and added a cute ribbon tag. The project is so far from perfect in fit and execution - but it felt really, really good to make something. So, in that sense, it served it's purpose.

The other finish is a knit sun hat for the baby girl using a Knit Picks pattern (The Cora Cloche by Kate McDaniel) and white cotton yarn (I can't recall what brand I bought... ).

The hat ended up taking one yard of satin ribbon, which was woven through eyelits created in the pattern. I can't wait to see her wearing it!

So, how is your summer going? What have you been up too sewing wise? 


  1. Hi. I am a new listener to your podcast and am making my way through the episodes in order - I think I am up to April of this year. I am loving listening to them back to back as I really feel I am getting to know you - I didn't know the baby is a girl but having a sneeky peek at your blog today I am catching up on the more recent happenings. Congratulations and best wishes for you through this end period of the pregnancy and for a safe and healthy birth. Olivia is so cute too - don't want to forget her or Bill. Take good care of yourself. Caroline

  2. @Caroline - Thank you SO much! I am not podfading now... just taking an unofficial break. Once things settle down, I'll put more episodes out there. Glad you're enjoying them, and I appreciate your well-wishes. Please stay in touch!

    @ Eileen - It was a fun pattern - complicated enough to be interesting, simple enough to be portable. Do you knit?

  3. Was thinking about you and wanted to check in, have you had your new baby? Sure hope all is well!