Monday, August 16, 2010

Tutorial Roundup: Sewing Machine Covers

I'm in the process of making a sewing machine cover for my {Urban} Home Goods Swap partner. Thought you might enjoy some of the eye candy that inspired me.


  1. Thank you for yet another great tutorial roundup! I look forward to them. Loved the pin cushion one and I have been wanting to make a sewing machine cover. Thanks - Colleen

  2. Once again wonderful tutorial roundup that makes me want to quit my job just to stay home and sew :) But these are great tutorials to help me use up scrap stash and to help with my quilting and piecing skills. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial roundup. What a great idea! A great way for you to keep track of your tutorials as well. Here is one that I want to make:

  4. Good find, Jane! Love it!

    Wooliegirl - I can relate! :-)

    Colleen - Did you end up making the pincushion?