Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1/4" Shy

Ugh... I just finished the July BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Mystery Block of the Month - and I'm 1/4" short. The block measures 12-1/4" instead of 12-1/2".

Wonder if I'll be able to fudge it when putting the quilt together? Luckily there is plenty of extra fabric that I could remake the block with. There's no way I'm doing that now, though; I spent 3 hours making this one between the cutting and piecing tiny bits of fabric...

At least I don't feel quite as behind now that this one is semi-done... Now on to August and the millions of Christmas gifts still on my list to make...


  1. Although super cute, especially with the green and blue "brim" fabric, this one was challenging for me to put together. Mine is also not big enough. Hopefully the finishing kit has enough fabric to allow for the smaller blocks.

    August is easier - just did it yesterday. A lot less fabric to cut and bigger blocks.

  2. You can correct the block size by blocking the block. Check out Sharon Schambler's Youtube videos -
    She shows how to stretch a block up to 1/2 inch. I've used this method and it works. Great block.

  3. You can also add coping strips around the block and then re-square the block. This is a method explained by Sharyn Craig in her books... she talks about how to correct blocks when they are the wrong size. She gets a lot of her blocks from block exchanges and they frequently have size issues.

    Good luck ... cute blocks...

    Lady Rags..


  4. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate the time you took to help me out!