Sunday, July 4, 2010

Episode 9: Christmas in July - Show Notes

what i'm working on

Broad Ripple Knits - It looks like it is still open!

the stash report

42.5 baseline
+4.5 yards
-2.25 yards (charity blocks and Zig Zag Quilt)

=46.5 yards in stash

bad stitches happen to good people

three - count them THREE - crafting horror stories

tips: Start your holiday crafting now.

topic: Christmas in July. Organizing your holiday crafting for a stress-free November and December.


  1. Much easier to hear! Thank you for doing the podcast and also for improving the volume! I walk about 4 miles/day and listen through the speaker of my phone instead of headphones so that I don't get run over by cars. Your podcast made today's walk go by quickly!

  2. Yeah! So glad to know the listening experience is improved. As a fellow walker, I know how podcasts can make the time fly. Happy to be a part of your day. Thank you so much for listening and for stopping back at the blog to give feedback! :-)