Monday, June 28, 2010

Prost Step 3: Quilting Your Placemats

This week we will add batting and batting to our placemat fronts in preparation to quilt. We will also do the actual quilting.


Cut 4 pieces of batting that are several inches larger than your placemat fronts.


Cut 4 pieces of solid (or print if you choose) 18" x 18" for placemat backs. Fold selvedge to selvedge - two may be cut at a time this way. Cut the width.

Then, trim the selvedge.

Finally, cut the remaining length off to 18". Don't worry about being precise; the placemat will be trimmed and squared at the end of the project. As long as the backing is larger than the front, you should be fine.


Layer your placemat by first placing the batting on top of the backing, and second by placing the pieced top on the batting.


Draw your center line from top to bottom for quilting using disappearing ink marking pen. Do this by measuring 2.75" from one of the center solid panel seams. This is where we will begin our quilting and will use the sewing machine foot to "measure" the rest of the lines.


Safety pin through all three layers. A fist length of space is the maximum between each pin.


Stitch down the center line. Then, working your way right to the edge, sew one "foot" length away from the previous line. Then, work your way from the center line left doing the same. Here is where you can opt to use a coordinating colored thread. Tip: Hold up the ric rac when you get to that part so you can easily sew along the seam under it. Careful your fingers don't get too close to the needle!


Trim the back and binding excess and square your placemat. Repeat for the remaining placemats in the set.

Next week, we will add binding and finish our placemats!

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