Saturday, October 1, 2011

Multi Tasking

How do I do it all? Well, right now, I'm making breakfast while writing this blog post. Sausage is sizzling on the stove, and I'm intermittently writing a word or two in between putting Isabelle's pacie back in her mouth, getting apple juice for Olivia, and flipping the patties. Ah, domestic bliss. :-)

This week, I was excited to have not one but TWO knitting finishes - and a great start to another project. Yeah!

First up was a neck warmer for a friend. I've watched this friend blossom as a knitter of the last few years going from basic stockinette scarfs to now hats and blankets, both of which she knit for Isabelle. I wanted to make her a little something in return.

She is super fashionable, so this floral pattern - called Flora (a free Knitty download) seemed to fit her well. The pattern has clear instructions and an interesting construction, including a new twisted stitch/technique that I had never done before. I used Malabrigo - yummy! - worsted in a bright pink colorway, which worked out perfectly for the project.

Next up is a finished sweater for baby Isabelle. The pattern is a Knit Picks download called the Offset Baby Cardigan. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in a plum colorway. Just can't beat the price of yarn at Knit Picks for kids wear that they grow out of so quickly!

I love the offset cable. Such a quirky, unexpected construction. I purchased flower buttons from this Etsy shop and highly recommend it - great customer service and lightning-fast shipping.

Finally, I have the long-awaited Cha Cha scarf back on the needles. The scarf will get to its rightful owner by the end of October. I promise! :-)

Now, off to negotiate with Olivia on why she needs to eat her peaches with breakfast. :-)


  1. The knitting FO's are great! And that ChaCha scarf, looks amazing. Can't wait to see that finished. Oh, and your baby is super adorable!!

  2. that baby cardigan is just presh!

  3. Isabelle's new sweater is precious ... and so is she! I really like the scarves too!

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