Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pins and Needles

Last week, I posted my weekend goals. I'm proud to say that I checked every single one off the list. A new podcast was posted, the binding was attached to my strip quilt, the ornaments were completed, and my swap pin cushion made from start to finish.

I used the pincushion pattern from Scandinavian Stitches but changed a few things up.

Using Ruby's Rising Star, which is a cotton/linen blend, I fussy cut the Retro Collage print. This fabric has so many possibilities with all of the different sections of patterns and colors. From tea cups to retro women to stars, it was actually hard to choose which to include!

After appliqueing the tea cup, I used the technique recommended in the pattern book for adding outline details, which is to use a darning foot and dark thread to "trace" the shape. (I dropped the feed dogs to do this.) Then, I looked online for inspiration for "tea cup steam." Gotta love Google Images - there were pages of ideas. I picked my favorite, free-hand drew it with a pencil, and then used my machine to follow the lines.

Different than the pattern, I added crochet trim around the parameter. This is a view of the back - aren't those elephants darling?

The pinning took some time with the added layer of trim. My pincushion looked more like a medieval weapon than a tool for a simple domestic skill. :-) With a little wrangling, I sewed right sides together, flipped the pincushion right side out, and was ready to stuff.

Luckily, I had a little helper... Here she is helping me finish the Christmas ornaments.

To help modivate me for this weekend, here are my 3 sewing goals:

1. Finish hand-binding strip quilt, wash, and prep for mailing to charity.
2. Make a flag banner (e.g. bunting) for Olivia's room using left-over Nicey Jane.
3. Make a coordinating pillow case for Olivia's room (again, using left-over Nicey Jane, which will match her quilt).

We're planning to re-arrange Liv's room this weekend. Since we are working so much on baby preparation, I don't want her to feel left out. Will do a post soon showing you both rooms once they're in better shape.

BTW, Liv turns 4 tomorrow. How did my baby get so old? One more year before she starts Kindergarten. *sniff*

Have a great rest of the week!

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