Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Lace, Bad Lace

So, here's the Scrappy Do Table Runner I mentioned in Episode 14 of the podcast. I'm using a Moda charm pack - although I can't remember the name of the line. Post it in the comments if you know, please. It's killing me!

The table runner came together so quickly. I can't find the pattern online to purchase, but I bought it at my LQS. I'm in the process of hand attaching the binding.

I just did basic straight-line quilting and outlined the bigger squares. Easy-peasy.

And here is the bad lace - and now some good lace work - I've done on Olivia's Helena Baby Sweater. Yarn is O-Wool. Knitting on US size 6 circs.

I'm loving doing the lace repeats now - it's so addicting. Great TV knitting - as long as the show isn't too, well, brainy. That's not hard when I'm into shows like Gossip Girl and Project Runway. :-)

Hope you're having a great week. Getting some crafting done? Post comments - what are you working on?


  1. I love your podcast. I have a 3 year old son, so it is funny to hear the similarities of haveing 3 year olds and the difference of boys vs girls. I also work a full time job, so I know what it't like to have no time. But I loved your suggestion of your oragnizational system how you plan out your projects. I usually just do what I feel like when I feel it and I have a lot of UFO's. You have insired me to finish them. Keep the podcasts coming.

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for writing, especially since you're a busy mama. It's all so exhausting, isn't it? Working, mothering, working, mothering. It never ends. :-) It's nice to have sewing as a little outlet.

    Glad you're enjoying the podcast. Thanks for listening!

  3. Love the podcast! You have such a nice voice...and I have no idea how you do all you do...working, mothering, working, cleaning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, cooking...yikes. You must have more time in your day that I do :-)
    Keep up the good work, and keep the podcasts coming!

  4. Love that table runner - the fabrics are just perfect for fall (I think) and the little sweater is darling! It almost makes me want to make another attempt at knitting (almost!)

  5. Hi Sarah. I love the tablerunner - and the knitted lace - beautiful! I wanted to comment too on the last podcast - the sound quality was much better than previous ones. So, whatever you're doing, keep it up.


  6. @ Robyn - While I don't have more time in my day than you, I am probably a lot more sleep deprived. :-) Sleep is optional when there's sewing and knitting to be done.

    @ Diane - Thank you! And you should try knitting again. These tutorial are my go-to.

    @ Colleen - Appreciate the feedback on sound. My new mic arrives this week, so the podcast I record this weekend should be even better (fingers crossed!).